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EPISODE 047 - HUFFING AND PUFFING                                                                 

Is he the guy you've been looking for?  Find out when comedian Stewart Huff stops by for a chat
Listen to the complete, unedited interview here, and Huff's thoughts on opening for Mitch Hedberg here
EPISODE 046 - GOOCH AND GANDER                                                                 

Comedian Tyler Gooch gets punny and tells tales of developmentally challenged interpretive dancers, Elvis impersonators, and other adventures on the road
Listen to the complete, unedited interview here
EPISODE 045 - HOLIDAY'S IN                                                                 

Comedian Vince Holiday starts Season Two off with a bang - and tells why he's no fan of Puerto Rico
Listen to the complete, unedited interview here
EPISODE 044 - BUTER BANTER                                                                 

Leadership educator John Banter joins us for this very special first anniversary edition of the podcast
EPISODE 043 - MORE THAN YOU BARGANIERED FOR                                                                 

Comedian Brian Barganier on life on the road, the perils of Hartford, and how to handle a bunch of Gibbies
EPISODE 042 - WEE WEE BABY                                                                 

Comedian David Williams stops by and talks fame, family, and why he's no longer gassing old ladies
EPISODE 041 - KAST OF CHARACTERS                                                                 

In our fifth and final interview Live from LexiCon 2015, Ace and Em from Cosplay Kasterborous talk about recreating the world of Doctor Who and taking it on the road with a foldup Tardis and a dalek named Chad
EPISODE 040 - MINECRAFT MINORS                                                                 

In the fourth of our interviews Live from LexiCon 2015, teenage author and Minecraft enthusiast Jason Hewitt explains Minecraft for the uninitiated and asks the question what Minecraft has against cows
EPISODE 039 - ALL'S WELL THAT'S GRAVWELL                                                                 

In the third of our interviews Live from LexiCon 2015, game designer Corey Young talks fake elements, the right length for a game, and ponders just how many dimensions are there?
EPISODE 038 - THRASHING ABOUT                                                                 

In the second of our interviews Live from LexiCon 2015, LARPer and podcaster Will Thrasher on monkeys, puppets, and living a lie through LARPing
EPISODE 037 - GOOD TO THE LAST DROP                                                                 

In the first of our interviews Live from LexiCon 2015, science fiction author Andrea Perno talks teen angst, lead poisoning superpowers, and what it takes to be the Fabio of sci fi book covers
EPISODE 036 - A SLICE OF COLBY                                                                          

Comedian James Colby cuts the cheese for some straight talk on jean brands, Chris Jericho, and The Jacket
EPISODE 035 - LEADERS ALOUD                                                                  

Eric Geary, author of Loudership: Increasing the Volume of My Own Opinion, on polo shirts, donuts in the workplace, and other tips for becoming a world-class leader
EPISODE 034 - PLAYING CHICKEN                                                                         

Sustainability expert and chicken wrangler par excellence Jeremy Porter gets all cooped up in the studio

Podcaster and music aficionado Sonny Crooks talks Gaye families, pimping butterfiles, and gives some of his recommendations for music in 2015
EPISODE 032 - DOWN AND DIRTY WITH MR. CLEAN                        

Comedian Shawn Reynolds on Big Wheels, the slightly offensive middle, and keeping it clean
EPISODE 031 - SOUL MATE                                                                                     

Soul musician Brian Owens on Ferguson, lunchmeat, and that Dock of the Bay
EPISODE 030 - SHEIST CAPADES                                                                              

Hip hop artist Sheisty Khrist goes analog and talks about his new album Cold Winter
EPISODE 029 - FROM CANADA WITH LOVE                                                  

Comedian Greg Morton stops by, and it's Canada-tastic!  From Celine Dion on a zamboni to maple syrup and the badlands of the Canadian West, what happens north of the border stays north of the border
EPISODE 028 - THAT'S TROUPE, NOT TROOP                                          

Improv maven Sami Allison makes it all up as she goes along
EPISODE 027 - HANDS OFF MY ORGAN                                                           

Church musician extraordinaire John Linker pulls out all the stops in this romp through all things organ
EPISODE 026 - A TABLE FOR WU                                                                            

Culinary Evangelist Dan Wu dishes on knives, disgusting things to eat, and - oh yeah - meatloaf and being on that TV show
EPISODE 025 - BUTER AND HOOCH                                                                    

Melissa Coulston of the Hooch and Home blog mixes it up with a Buterhattan, some great DIY advice, and, of course, puppies
EPISODE 024 - CHECK PLEASE                                                                                

Chess Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov checks in and shows that he has all the right moves
EPISODE 023 - WHAT THE FARK                                                                           

Internet entrepreneur Drew Curtis drops in to talk about all things Fark, the idiocy of the masses (and his grandma), and the secret behind Weller bourbon
EPISODE 022 - VERILY ALL THE WAY                                                               

In a very special Christmas episode, Father Brian Cole talks funky vestements, the Angel Gabriel, and what the viral word for 2015 will be
EPISODE 021 - THE DOCTOR IS IN                                                                     

Actor Tom Phillips on stuttering, Shakespeare, and what it's like to play a time lord
EPISODE 020 - WALKIN' ON BROKEN KLASS                                            

DJ Gary Klass waxes on about pit bulls and the state of music in Hawaii
EPISODE 019 - THE FRENCH CONNECTION                                              

Actress and Francophile Emily Burton on living in France, calling Pocahontas "Grandma," and why a certain chihuahua hates Michael Cera
EPISODE 018 - SOMEWHERE UNDER PAR                                                    

Professional golfer Ashleigh Albrecht tees off and it's all about favorite and least favorite holes, the difference between women and ladies, and beverages on the green
EPISODE 017 - SONNY DELIGHT                                                                            

Musician, composer, actor, professor and all-around nice guy Sonny Burnette tells tales of the road, letters to presidents, and life with Jim and Tammy Faye
EPISODE 016 - BUTER'S BOW TIES                                                                       

What do lawless huskies and Joseph Goebbels have to do with bow ties?  The Buter sits down with...  The Buter and answers every question you have ever had about bow ties in this special episode
EPISODE 015 - SWEET AND SOWERS                                                                 

Bassist Will Sowers of the band Emarosa discusses their new album Versus, ponders what the fox says, and reveals his deep dark secret about prune juice and dog biscuits  
EPISODE 014 - HOLLER BACK, Y'ALL                                                                 

Comedian Chris Hurst brings his comedy out of the hills and into the Buterverse and goes all "wild and inappropriate" in another installment of the 'Openers' series
EPISODE 013 - FIELDS OF GLORY                                                                           

Comedian and man of 1000 aliases Kyle Fields talks dime store hookers, Jerry Van Dyke, and how to make it in stand up in the next installment of the 'Openers' series 
EPISODE 012 - THE BEAVER SHARK                                                                     

Actor, semi-professional boom holder, and all-around funny guy Luke Beavers on auditions, Shark Week, and whether or not the French ever go outside
EPISODE 011 - FLYING HIGH WITH FARLEY                                                 

Professor Robert Farley takes on the Air Force, national security, and Navy camo.  Check out his book Grounded: The Case for Abolishing the United States Air Force (Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy and Peace)
EPISODE 010 - DIAMONDS IN THE DUGOUT                                                 

Affrilachian poet Dorian Hairston on baseball, poetry, and Appalachia.  Listen to him read his poems She Asked Me Where Diamonds Come From and Saturday Morning With Erykah Badu.
michalski EPISODE 009 - LENNON'S MARKS                                                                            

Artist Lennon Michalski sits down and talks about his art, whether or not he's a thoroughbred, and how on earth
do you pronounce that name
rowe EPISODE 008 - WORLD OF ROWECRAFT                                                          

Sci fi and fantasy author Christopher Rowe on multi-toed cats, shapeshifting Druids, and a throwdown between Daniel Boone and Bigfoot.  Purchase Rowe's novel Sandstorm: A Forgotten Realms Novel

ditto EPISODE 007 - STARVING FOR ETHIOPIA                                                        

Jessica Ditto of the Destiny Academy Fund talks Art for Ethiopia, acid wash backpacks, and just whose face is
on that mural in Africa
overbay EPISODE 006 - A CULTLESS SUPREME                                                                

Filmmaker and director Joshua Overbay visits the Buterverse and explains what's so bad about cults
bidwell EPISODE 005 - UNDER THE COLLAR                                                                     

Comedian Kenley Bidwell exposes what's beneath his priest's collar in the first of the 'Openers' series
kenady EPISODE 004 - HEAVY PETTING                                                                                 

Pet psychic Carrie Kenady reads paws and tells you what your dog really wants
lashelle EPISODE 003 - DANISH DELIGHT                                                                               

Singer La'shelle Allen dishes on opera and what they really eat in Sweden
imgnrysnds EPISODE 002 - VINYL DESTINATION                                                                     

Podcasters Sonny Crooks and Jacob Dixon of IMGNRY SNDS discuss vinyl culture, beard grooming tips, and
the thrill of the hunt
wilson EPISODE 001 - PULLING THE TRIGGER                                                              

Literary scholar Ben Wilson talks trigger warnings, censorship, and the role of Candy Crush in the academy